Walking Weight Vest FW-758
Walking Weight Vest FW-758
Walking Weight Vest FW-758
Walking Weight Vest FW-758
Walking Weight Vest FW-758
Walking Weight Vest FW-758
Walking Weight Vest FW-758
Walking Weight Vest FW-758

Walking Weight Vest FW-758

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~ * ~ 22.5 Lbs WEIGHTS INCLUDED ~ * ~


Walking Weight Vest by Stel'Air 

The Stel'Air Walking Weight Vest is Adjustable so it will fit everyone from XX-Large and smaller.  If you want to lose weight by walking or just doing everyday things, this vest is for you.

Designed carefully with an open front so you can easily slip it on.  The arm holes are bigger to allow for comfort.   By slowly increasing the weights you wear while walking you can increase your weight loss efforts and boost your metabolism.

The vest is tightened to your form so it won't bounce while you walk.  Use the two adjustable straps to secure the vest.

  • More Calories Burned for every activity while wearing the weight vest. 
  • Tone Arms & Legs to be stronger and leaner.
  • Increase Metabolism and calorie burning power.  Lose weight FASTER with walking in the Stel'Air Walking Weight Vest. 


Stel'Air Weighted Walking Vest Features

The weights are removable and can be carried in the hands as well.  Compound your results by doing arm exercises while walking with the weighted vest.

Add the weight loss Stel'Air Weighted Vest to your everyday chore routine and turn every mundane chore into a calorie burning activity.  

Included are: 9 x 2.5 pound, soft weights filled with a fine aggregate.  These individual weights are versatile with or without the vest.   Soft and comfortable to carry.   



  • Material is Oxford Nylon. Rugged made and reinforced.
  • 9 x 2.5 lb weights soft pouches of aggregate
  • Vest is designed for even weight distribution
  • Durable and versatile




Weight loss plateaus can be very discouraging.  You can break through your next plateau by simply wearing your new Stel'Air Walking Weight Vest.  Start slow and only add one or two of the soft weights to your vest.  This will boost your calorie burning power enough that you should see results that same week.

You do not have to add the 23 lbs all at once.  The weights are removable and have little "envelopes" sewn into the vest to hold each weight.  There are 9 pouches to hold 9 individual 2.5 lb weights.

Alternatively try holding one weight in each hand while you walk.  This works great to burn calories AND tone arms.

The soft weights are filled with a fine aggregate. Just add as desired to the vest. For increased calorie burning power, arm toning and strengthening, just carry a couple in your hands while you walk. You can also wear the weighted walking vest as you work, exercise, or do daily chores. Tighten and tone your arms and legs with this one simple fitness tool.

  • Included are nine individual 2.5 lb weights. These are made of soft aggregate and fit snugly into the pouches on the vest.
  • The Stel'Air Weighted Vest is made of oxford nylon cloth and has a nylon lining. It is durable and cleans easily.
  • There are two body straps that come with the vest. They are adjustable and will secure the weight vest to your body to minimise movement while you walk or workout.
  • Made for XX-Large and smaller. Women and Men
  • Start with only one or two of the removable soft weights. Slowly add more as you become accustomed to it. Build lean legs, increase metabolism, increase stamina, burn more calories.
  • The weight pouches are soft and removable. Can be added one at a time to the vest, or carried in the hands.
  • Weight pouches are easily closed with a small strip of velcro to ensure they are secure and easy to remove.
  • Great way to add resistance to your workout.
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.