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Total Body Cycle JL-897
Total Body Cycle JL-897
Total Body Cycle JL-897
Total Body Cycle JL-897
Total Body Cycle JL-897

Total Body Cycle JL-897

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Recumbent Pedal Exerciser and Hand Cycle Combination

The Stel'Air Total Body Cycle JL-897 is fully versatile. It can be used sitting, standing, or laying down. Adjust the machine to use while fully laying on your back or at a recumbent position.

The height is easy to adjust to accommodate most height requirements while seated. When standing the maximum height is 49 inches. The height is micro adjustable for ranges as low as 10 inches to 49 inches.

The 8 levels of magnetic resistance offers a smooth pedalling experience. It is quiet to operate and will provide a range of resistance that will be beneficial for most operators needs.

Remove all the strain on your lower spine and back by laying on the floor and working out in a whole new way. This pedalling while laying down will also work your core abdominal muscles.

It comes with an LCD display that shows the calories, distance, time and will scan.

Because the height is adjustable you can operate arms while standing, seated, or laying down. Legs can be exercised while seated or laying down. Pedalling with arms overhead will work the chest and shoulders.

The stand is made of durable steel construction and has wheels to allow for easy movement if you need to mobilize the unit. Once it is set into position just sit in a chair, roll up to it in a wheel chair, or stand, lay, or sit on the floor. The width of the stand accommodates most wheelchairs.

The Stel'Air Total Body Cycle JL-897 is perfect for rehabilitation needs. Perfect if your physiotherapist has prescribed pedalling for frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, hip joint, knee joint, or other needs. If you aren't sure please have your medical advisor call us direct.

Total Body Hand & Leg Cycle Recumbent Pedal Exerciser

Smooth and quiet to operate. The magnetic resistance means this is smooth and quiet to operate and will adjust to higher resistance settings than the friction style pedallers.

Easily adjust resistance settings by turning the position dial to one of the individual 8 settings. The large knob is easy to turn for most people and has a large gripping area for arthritic hands.

Scan through all the functions on the LCD display from calories, time, and distance. Use the display to set daily goals.

Included are the two tethers to help a wheelchair from rolling away. The tethers are velcro to adjust easily.

There are two broad, flat. non-skid areas for wheelchair wheels to rest or your feet.

By sitting in a lower chair or laying on the floor, this can be used as a recumbent pedal exerciser as well.

  • Total weight: 69.5 lbs
  • Several uses:
    - Use as a arm cycle while seated, standing or laying.
    - Leg cycle while seated or lying
    - Recumbent bike while seated or lying down
  • Accommodates most wheelchair sizes.
  • Pedals adjust to any height from using the micro adjustable knob from 10 to 49in
  • The pedal resistance is provided by magnets providing pull on the flywheel. The resistance is adjusted for 8 levels of tension by turning a large accessible knob.
  • Has wheels on back to allow for easy portablility
  • The footprint and height of set-up unit is 36L x 27W x 60H inches
  • LCD battery included
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.