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Student Desk Bike for Smaller Children JL-824JR
Student Desk Bike for Smaller Children JL-824JR
Student Desk Bike for Smaller Children JL-824JR
Student Desk Bike for Smaller Children JL-824JR
Student Desk Bike for Smaller Children JL-824JR
Student Desk Bike for Smaller Children JL-824JR

Student Desk Bike for Smaller Children JL-824JR

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Preschool & Elementary School Desk Bikes

Student Desk Bike for Smaller Children JL-824JR was built to fit the smaller students in Preschool and Elementary. Children heights 3'7" to 4'10" can now use the Desk Bikes in the classroom.

Similar to the larger Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824 made for Middle School and High School students this smaller upright folding desk bike can benefit children as young as 5.

The wheels on the front stability bar makes it easy to move around. Storage is simple too. Just fold up and roll away.

Young fidgety students can now participate in class by pedalling away the wiggles. The bike is super quiet because of the magnetic tension. The children that benefit by movement while reading, or participating in class can do so while they pedal.

The padded seat is comfortable for sitting longer periods. This allows the young student to focus on their classroom participation or schoolwork instead of squirming from an uncomfortable seat.

The Student Desk Bike for Smaller Children JL-824JR differs slightly from the larger Student Desk Bike with two modifications. The first is there is no back rest. This is so smaller children will be able to climb on and off the bicycle without assistance. The second is the table top is more angled. This will allow for a larger range of age/heights for children to be able to use the bicycle.

The tabletop is covered in a non-slip material so notebooks and tablets won't fall off to the floor. The padded elbow rest also doubles as a rest-stop for books and educational supplies.

The JL-824JR desktop removes easily to use it as a stationary bicycle for the physical education or other exercise needs.

The Student Desk Bike for Smaller Children JL-824JR does come with a LCD display that will scan, time, calculate calories, show speed, and distance travelled. This can be useful for timing and goal setting. The display is battery operated and does not need to be used/mounted.

The bike is easy to move from room to room or to different areas of the room. Simply tip it forward onto the wheels. Storage is as simple as folding the bike and slipping it into the closet.

The magnetic resistance is one reason why the desk bike is so quiet to pedal. The internal flywheel spins. The dial has 8 levels of resistance. As the knob is turned to select the resistance, magnets are pulled closer to the flywheel. The closer the magnets the greater the resistance. The magnets never touch the flywheel so there is no noise from friction.

The students that benefit from movement to study can do so for as long as they need to. The desk bikes can be set up at the back of the class, the hall, or the library. The children are rewarded with increased focus, alertness, improved digestion and cardio benefits.

Stel'Air Preschool and Elementary Students Desk Bike JL-824JR Benefits

Built to last by steel frame construction. The frame is durable but still light and will fold for compact storage.

When set up the Desk Bike takes up very little space and will fit nicely in most classrooms. The knob is easy to turn to the desired resistance setting so the student will be able to set it to what benefits them. The range of settings for resistance is from 1 to 8. 1 is the least where 8 is the most resistance.

The desktop is covered in a easy to clean, durable, non-slip material. It is lightly padded for comfort with a cushioned elbow/forearm rest that doubles as a stop point for laptops and books. This rest can also help to reduce instances of carpal tunnel.

Daily movement is needed by some students to help them focus. All children can benefit from the generated physical activity rewards of increased cardio, improved digestion, and alertness.

The display can be used to set goals, time use, and to initiate physical activity games.



  • Upright folding table bike for Preschool and Elementary Schools
  • LCD display: Scan, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories
  • Magnetic tension with 8-Level tension control
  • Double axel, 2 drive belts for quiet operation
  • Available resistance 100 Watts
  • Easy portability with transportation wheels
  • Assembled 21in x 16in
  • Shipping Weight: 43lb
  • Maximum user weight: 220lb
  • Converts to stationary bike with removable tabletop
  • Simply fold up and put away
  • Very quiet to operate
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multi-users.