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Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824
Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824
Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824
Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824
Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824

Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824

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Student Stel'Air Upright Folding Desk Bike - Middle School & High School

The Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824 was designed with the classroom in mind. Quiet when pedalled so it won't bother the rest of the class. The magnetic resistance adjusts for 8 levels of resistance for a wide range to suit most student needs.

The Stel'Air Desk Bike JL-824 was built for students in Middle and High Schools. The seat is height adjustable so the height of the student that can comfortably use the JL-824 ranges from 4'10" to 6'2". The backrest can be dropped out of the way for easy mounting and dismounting. For larger students it may be more comfortable to leave down for more seat room.

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The Upright Folding Desk Bike JL-824 works well in the classroom because it allows for students who need movement to be able to participate with the rest of the class.

The JL-824 is made of steel for durability and lightweight for ease of portability. The Desk Bike will fold up for storage. The two wheels on the front stability bar makes it easy to move to a different location.

Middle School and High School students benefit from the Stel'Air Upright Folding Desk Bike JL-824 whether they are working in the classroom, studying, or reading.

The seat is comfortable with a ergonomic seat and padding. The height of the seat can be adjusted to suit the height of most students in Middle School or High School.

The bike is suited for persons weighing up to 220lbs. A student that is overweight will be comfortable on the padded seat and able to drop the backrest out of the way to make needed room.

The desktop that comes with the JL-824 is covered in a non-skid material so things won't easily slide to the floor. The elbow rest is padded and doubles as a "stop" for notebooks and laptops. The desktop can also be quickly removed to convert the desk bike into a stationary bike.

Having the Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824 in the classroom and available for use the kids can use it intermittently to help with alertness, focus, improve digestion as well as burn calories and provide light cardio.

Stel'Air Student Bike Desk JL-824 Benefits

Magnetic resistance providing 8 settings to adjust to most students needs. This means a light pedalling to give fidgeting feet something to do, and enough resistance to use for heavier cardio needs. The control knob is mounted on the main frame and easily adjusted by turning the dial.

The steel frame construction is made for classroom use. The frame is designed to fold for compact storage and portability.

The non-slip material that covers the desktop is comfortable to lean on as well as helps to keep books and tablets from slipping off. The elbow rest is padded for support and provides additional safety feature to keep laptops from slipping off.

Physical activity during the school day helps to keep the student more alert, productive, improves focus, as well as providing all the other benefits of exercise. The padded seat is designed for comfort and encouraging longer intervals of exercise.

The backrest is designed to quickly drop out of the way when climbing on and off the Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824. The backrest can remain down for obese students needing the additional seat room.

The display that comes with the Stel'Air Student Desk Bike JL-824 calculates calories, distance pedalled, time pedalled and current speed. Using the numbers on the display the student can set fitness goals. The display is optional and does not need to be attached.

  • Upright folding desktop stationary bike
  • Removable backrest to suit easy mounting and larger students
  • LCD battery operated display included: Scan, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories
  • Magnetic 8-Level tension control
  • Powered by a double axel and 2 drive belts
  • 100 Watts of power
  • Comfortable with seat post and supporting frame
  • Portability provided by transportation wheels
  • Assembled area: 21 x 16in
  • Shipping Weight: 48lb
  • Maximum user weight: 220lb
  • Removable Table Top converts to Stationary Bike
  • Fold up and put away for easy storage
  • Quiet and perfect for classroom use
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multi-users.