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Stel'Air Sensory Seat Cushion Y4-863
Stel'Air Sensory Seat Cushion Y4-863

Stel'Air Sensory Seat Cushion Y4-863

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ACTIVE SCHOOL CLASSROOM - Kids LOVE the wobble cushion. It can be used on their regular desk chairs and lets the kids wiggle away without interrupting the class. When children fidget on the disk it provides a sensory input that helps to calm and focus.

This 13" wobble cushion can be used in many MANY ways. Kids can benefit from the small balance exercises that happen while standing or sitting on the balance cushion.

If your child has difficulty sitting still for meals, try this as a sit disk at the dinner table and see the difference.

Used for passive (ie. standing or sitting) or active (ie. squats or crunches) exercise.

This balance cushion provides a tactile and unstable surface requiring the muscles to engage to stay balanced. This will promote stability of the core, increase muscle tone, joint stabilization, and improve balance. The ergonomic seating benefits posture and helps relieve back and shoulder pain.

STANDING BALANCE - Great accent for students who work standing. Try standing on two (one for each foot) or take turns. Standing on a balance cushion will trigger the balance response in the body. Kids can bounce and fidget without noise or disruption. Additionally the movement will exercise the core muscles and help provide relief to back issues caused by having to stand in one place.

Helping to get the wiggles out as well as the added benefits of balancing on one foot or the other not only improves balance and increase muscle tone, it also improves body coordination when used while working at the same time.

Phys-Ed EXERCISES - Squats, sit-ups, kneeling, yoga, and many more.



13" diameter with two distinct sides of texture. One side is smoother that the other. The more textured side is great for added non-slip or for more air flow.

The cushion will arrive partially inflated and ready to use. The duel action hand pump (included) quickly inflates or deflates the balance cushion as needed for comfort and purpose.

  • Active classroom sitting disk
  • Ships inflated
  • Dual action pump included
  • Used for many exercises including sitting, standing, laying, kneeling
  • Convenient to take anywhere
  • Sit on it to improve posture and strengthen core
  • *Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multi-users.



  • 13" diameter
  • Tactile and spiked on one side and smoother dimples on the other
  • Dual action hand pump included
  • Control firmness by adding more/less air to increase/reduce challenge
  • Promotes core stability and strengthening
  • Anti-burst up to 300lbs


It is not recommended to use the wobble balance disk while driving.

The balance cushion is not designed to be jumped on. It is designed to stand on.