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Portable Mini Medical Pedaller With Wheels & Handle YL-832W

Portable Mini Medical Pedaller With Wheels & Handle YL-832W

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Stel'Air Portable Magnetic Pedaller with Handle and Wheels

The YL-832W Model comes with a set of wheels and telescopic handle so you can move it easily to storage when not in use

Light and easy to move about but heavy enough not to slip easily on the floor. At 24 lbs and rubber grips on the feet, this bike will stay in place when pedaled as instructed in the manual.

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It is so quiet you will be able to pedal while watching TV with your family. No one will be bothered by any noise.

The Stel'Air Magnetic Pedaller is portable and used in hospitals, rehabilitation units, senior care centres, homes, offices, schools, and physiotherapy units all over the country. It is used for both arm and leg exercises in rehab exercises or just for general fitness.

If you have knee or hip surgery coming up the physician may suggest a mini pedaller to strengthen around the joints pre-op and for rehabilitation post-op.

People with chronic shoulder, forearm and/or wrist issues may also benefit by using the Magnetic Pedaller as an arm bike exerciser.

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Leg circulation can be enhanced by pedaling intermittently throughout the day. The pedaller can also help with other issues like leg edema.

This is a perfect little exercise machine to have in your home to help meet overall general fitness needs.

Use anywhere. Pedal forward or backward while reading, chatting on the phone, working, watching TV, or take it travelling and pedal in your hotel at night.

Both the front and rear legs will extend and have 15" wide legs for stability. The feet are made of a durable, non-marking rubber with firm grip to help keep the pedaller in place. The pedals that come with the unit are made with rubber grooves for a non-slip surface for your feet and gentle recess at the edge to be comfortable for your hands.

Using the Stel'Air Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike For Leg Exercises

Set your pedaller up to use while working. Most people can adapt quickly to pedaling and working at the same time. Some ideas to get the most out of your pedaller is to set goals throughout the day. Maybe decide on how many miles you want to pedal or set a minimum time limit. The display that comes with your bike will show you how fast you are pedaling, distance travelled, time spent pedaling, and number of calories burned. Track any or all of these to help create and meet fitness goals.

Portable mini pedal exercises are used all over the world to begin fitness, maintain fitness, or increase current fitness levels. They are used in homes, hospitals, clinics, offices, and just about any place where pedaling exercise is helpful.

Using the Stel'Air Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike For Arm Exercises

Just like when you use the pedaller for your legs you can use it for arms. All you need to do is set it on top of the table and start pedaling. The smooth movement allows you to pedal forward or back and it is quiet.

Great for building arm strength, and toning and tightening problem areas of the upper arm. The magnetic arm pedaller can also be helpful for people with frozen shoulder or carpal tunnel. Ask your physician if they think it can help you.

The ergonomic handles are a popular option for people with shoulder issues or who want to tone and tighten their arms. It will put your arms at a natural position and may be preferable for range of motion.

Set the resistance to where you want it. The resistance knob allows for small incremental resistance settings to ensure gradual resistance can be slow or fast depending on your health needs.

When you use the Stel'Air Magnetic Pedal Trainer for arm or leg pedaling, circulation is increased.

Stel'Air Magnetic Pedaller Accessories

Accessories and options available for the pedaller provide enhanced use and functionality. It is quality made and has been adopted for both home an commercial uses.

Professionally engineered magnetic resistance provides a gradient and wide range of settings. The resistance setting can be easy to very difficult to move. It operates smoothly and quietly in forward and reverse direction.

Inside the pedaller is a metal flywheel that will become harder to pedal as the very strong magnets move closer to the plate.

Lightweight 23 lbs and compact (15" x 15" x 16").

  • Gradient adjustable Magnetic Resistance - Up to 100 Watts Torque.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame.
  • Display Functions - Speed, Time, Calories, Distance and Scan.
  • Housing made of quality high-impact plastic.
  • Shipping weight 24 lbs.
  • Measurements minimum without display mounted 15" x 15" x 16" (l x w x h)
  • Measurement with legs extended and display mounted 27" x 15" x 18"(l x w x h).
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.



Several optional accessories have been designed specifically for the Stel'Air Magnetic Pedaller.

Ergonomic pedals for ergonomic arm workouts.

These handles will put your hands in a more neutral position than the pedals that come with it. The pedals that are included are perfectly fine to use for your arms but limit the hand position to just one position.

Wonderful physical therapy.

The ergo-handles are recommended when using the magnetic pedaller as an arm exercise bike.

Larger pedals with quiet bearings and velcro straps.

Wider for more comfort with a larger non-slip area for your feet. The mini pedaller makes a perfect leg exerciser and the velcro straps are easy to adjust. The velcro straps are comfortable to help secure your feet for optimum use.

Desk Display Stand

With the display stand you can move the display to your side table or desk top. Great for keeping an eye on the time spent, speed, distance travelled, or even calories burned.

The display stand includes a 10-foot extension cable and a sturdy steel stand.