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Mini Twister Stepper with Toning Bands TSVF-365
Mini Twister Stepper with Toning Bands TSVF-365
Mini Twister Stepper with Toning Bands TSVF-365
Mini Twister Stepper with Toning Bands TSVF-365

Mini Twister Stepper with Toning Bands TSVF-365

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Stel'Air Portable Mini Twister Stepper with Toning Bands

Mini Twister Stepper with Toning Bands by Stel'Air is made for the office, travelling, and home. The quiet stepper is great to fit in calorie burning exercise while watching TV, on the phone, or at night in the hotel.

Fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. Never miss another workout!

The cold seasonal months are especially difficult to try and fit in exercise by going to the gym. Not you don't have to worry about being too snowed in to get in your fitness regime. Simply pull out your Stel'Air Mini Twister Stepper and Bands and pound out those calories.

Mini Twister Stepper Toning Bands will work your total body. The twister stepper will help firm the glutes, back, inner and outer thighs. The toning bands will tone arms and shoulders for that sleek and sexy look.

Faster weight loss - Using the toning bands with the twisting and stepping increases the calorie burning effect of every move. This can also help to improve heart function and digestion.


The small size of the mini twister stepper makes it super simple to store out of sight until the next time. No more tripping over machines or hanging clothes to dry.

When you are ready for the next workout simply slide it out from under its hiding place and get into your muscle burning, waist trimming sweat workout!

This is a wonderful low-impact total body toning exercise that can really deliver a high-intensity workout.

LOSE WEIGHT with a Stel'Air Mini Twister Stepper

In just one hour a person who weighs 150 lbs can burn over 500 calories. Using the handy and easy to read built-in digital monitor you can keep track of time and steps. This will really help you meet your calorie burning goals.

If you are a busy person who is always short on time then you will love the fact that the Stel'Air Mini Twister Stepper can be effective when used for short periods at a time. Short bursts of activity will add up to big calories burned numbers.

Improve metabolism, toned legs, tighter butt, shapely shoulders, stronger back, and sleek and sexy arms are just a few of the side effects. Other side effects include burning calories, trimming fat, and weight loss.

The rubber feet on the Stel'Air Mini Twister Stepper keeps the stepper firmly gripped to the floor. The added twisting body motion helps to trim the waist and focus on trouble spots like the inner and outer thighs.


Small and portable it is easy to slip out of the way under your desk at work. When you are ready to take a quick exercise break just pull them out.

If you have a standing desk you can step and work at the same time. Or whenever you are on the phone you can step. Many people will have step challenges at work.

Total Toning Fitness

Calorie burning in small increments add up into big results. A few minutes on your Stel'Air Twister Stepper here and there through the day burns the fat away.

Never do you have to leave the cubical or go outside. See a noticeable difference by mimicking stair climbing and adding a twisting motion for in short time periods.

The resistance cylinders are oil filled. There is no need to have to keep fiddling with a tension dial as they will start slow and warm up with you. You get to pick the speed and rhythm of your stepping motion.

Stel'Air Mini Twister Stepper and Toning Bands Benefits

  • Burn calories and tone muscles. Up and down in a seesaw action like stair climbing with added side movement so you target problem areas.
  • Versatile for home, travel, or office
  • Great for Cardiovascular activity
  • Tone muscles in shoulders, back, arms, legs and butt
  • 4-function display to help reach fitness goals
  • Oil cylinders provide resistance for quiet operation
  • 2pcs Oil cylinder.
  • Seesaw with side to side movement.
  • Size: 43 X 34 X 21CM
  • Weight: 6/7 kgs
  • Max user weight: 220lbs
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.



Rev up Metabolism

Add calorie burning power of the mini stepper by wearing this Stel'Air Weighted Vest - add a weighted vest to your workout and increase the intensity, calories burned, and increase the speed of burning fat.