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Folding Upright Desk Bike JL-278
Folding Upright Desk Bike JL-278
Folding Upright Desk Bike JL-278
Folding Upright Desk Bike JL-278
Folding Upright Desk Bike JL-278
Folding Upright Desk Bike JL-278
Folding Upright Desk Bike JL-278
Folding Upright Desk Bike JL-278
Folding Upright Desk Bike JL-278

Folding Upright Desk Bike JL-278

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Stel'Air Upright Folding Desk Bike

Now you can fit in exercise while you work, watch TV, or read.

This all-in-one desk and bike is lightweight, foldable and compact (so you can slip it out of the way when not in use). It is the perfect solution for busy people looking for an easy cardio solution.

The seat design on this bike is cushioned and comfortable so you can pedal for long periods without getting "saddle sore".

The seat height is adjustable to a wide range of heights. There is a comfortable seat height setting for persons from 4'10" to 6'6". The seat back rest is easy to fold back. This is helpful when getting on and off your Stel'Air Desk Bike. Folding the seat back down while riding can also be preferred if you need a little more room at the back for your "bottom".

The desktop is made of a padded, non-slip material. The non-slip material helps so objects won't easily slip off. The padding on the table, rounded corners, and elbow, rest makes the table top comfortable to lean on while reading. The desk top is also removable which offers more versatality, turning your Stel'Air Folding Desk Bike into a stationary bike."

Wheels on the back stabilizer leg makes the bike easy to move around. To store, simply pull the locking pin to fold the bike, lock into folded position, tilt on the back wheels and set aside. The desktop can be removed easily so it can slip into smaller spaces.

Getting a good workout is great. There are 8 levels of resistance so you can choose between light no-sweat exercise while working to a real sweat intense workout. The adjustments are easy so you can switch back and forth and set your own pace or challenge yourself with a fun HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout!

Intermittent pedalling during the day adds more calorie burning, improves cardiovascular, and helps with digestion. Pedalling with resistance will tone and strengthen the legs as well as increase core strength and stabilizer muscle strength.

The seat is comfortable so you can rack up the miles as you pedal. The bike is very quiet because of the magnetic resistance engineering design. This means you can pedal in your office space and your coworkers will not be bothered by any noise from the Stel'Air Folding Desk Bike.

Stel'Air Upright Folding Desk Features & Benefits

The bike is compact and light, folding easily for storage. The steel frame is designed for persons who weigh up to 265lbs. The resistance is easy to control from the knob mounted on the frame just under the desktop. Adjust the resistance to the level of comfort that suits your workout.

A non-slip durable material wrapped on the cushioned table makes the desk top comfortable to lean on and helps to keep things from sliding off. There is a built in padded forearm rest that can assist in preventing carpal tunnel. This small ridge also is a stop point for books and laptops.

Adding a Stel'Air Folding Desk Bike to the work day can result in greater productivity and alertness. Physical fitness benefits can include increased cardio and calorie burning ability.

The backrest can simply swing down and out of the way. For persons who want more space at the back and making room for mounting and getting off the bike. The seat is padded to help encourage longer periods of use.

The display that comes with the bike shows distance, time, speed, and calories. You can use this to set fitness goals.



  • Lightweight, upright, folding desk bike
  • Backrest is removable or swing out of the way
  • Display Shows Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, and can Scan
  • Resistance is engineered magnetic with 8-Level tension control
  • 2 drive belts with Double axel
  • 100 Watts power
  • The seat post has additional support rod
  • Easily moved with rear wheels
  • Assembled size footprint: 21 x 16 IN
  • Shipping Weight: 48LB
  • Maximum user weight: 265LB
  • Table top is removable
  • Easily fold and wheel away for storage.
  • Super quiet
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.