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Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair BW-893
Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair BW-893

Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair BW-893

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The Stel'Air Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair design encourages improved posture. The legs and back support on this chair are adjustable so you can fit the chair for your comfort.

Similar looking ball chairs have a smaller stability ball that can slip through the chair frame. The Stel'Air stability ball included is a 65" circumference.

The Custom Fit ergonomic ball chair also promotes core strength. By sitting with good posture and micro movements in the body help to build strength and improve energy throughout the day. The back support is designed to discourage slouching and to sit in a relaxed, ergonomic posture.

Sitting with proper posture on a Stel'Air Custom Fit Adjustable Chair can help to relieve shoulder, neck, and back tension.

  • Custom fit because legs and back adjust to you.
  • Back bar is cushioned.
  • Casters roll easily and can be locked.
  • Inflatable pump is included.
  • Stability ball is 65" and can be removed for additional exercises.



Stel'Air Custom Fit Adjustable Ball Chair Features

  • Exercise the core passively when seated in the chair. Remove the ball for additional fitness routines.
  • Included with your custom fit ball chair is a handy air pump with the assembly instructions.
  • The stability ball included will inflate up to 65" and the extending legs will accommodate taller people.
  • Legs and back are adjustable for a comfortable, custom fit.Back and legs adjust to provide a custom fit.
  • Frame is made of metal steal tube.



  • Stability ball: 65cm
  • Ship weight: 5.2kg
  • Max User Weight: 250lbs
  • Stability ball and pump included
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.



Stel'Air Stability Ball Inflation Guide

You do not have to use the pump included. Any air pump will work provided there is a nozzle to fit the hole in the ball. Foot pumps or hand pumps are effective. Air compressors are ok but be careful not to fill too quickly. A straw to blow up by mouth can be used as well but it will become difficult as the ball fills.

1. Allow the ball to warm up to room temperature before removing the packaging and unfolding.

2. Once the ball is room temperature, gently unfold and find the hole for inflating.

3. *IMPORTANT* Do not fill the ball beyond its initial stretching point. For longevity and best results, just fill the ball to when the material just begins to stretch. Insert the ball plug and allow the ball to sit like this overnight. This will be about 80% of the balls full size. Do not sit on the ball at this time.

4. Day 2: After 24 hours the stability ball is ready to be inflated the rest of the way. To make sure the ball isn't over stretched you can pre-measure by placing a couple of objects at a distance from one another. If the ball is to be inflated to 65cm then try placing two cardboard boxes 65cm apart and fill the ball in between the boxes. You can now safely inflate the ball to fill the space.

5. After the first few days and weeks it isn't uncommon to have to re-inflate a new stability ball. It is also common to have to inflate a new ball every few weeks. This can depend on the frequency of the ball being used and temperature fluctuations. You should not have to fill the ball every day.