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Classroom Stability Balls for Schools QX-0056
Classroom Stability Balls for Schools QX-0056
Classroom Stability Balls for Schools QX-0056
Classroom Stability Balls for Schools QX-0056

Classroom Stability Balls for Schools QX-0056

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Stel'Air Stability Balls in Active Classrooms

The Stel'Air Stability Balls are versatile and used while sitting at the desk or in a group setting.

The ball as a chair allows for active sitting or exercise.  Engaging the core muscles while seated allows for the child to fidget and move without disruption. Many ball exercises can be used in the classroom environment without discomfort.

The stability balls are made with a quality anti-burst material.  The student can shift and bounce.

The ball is not recommended to be sat on by persons over 250 lbs. The stability balls can still be used for dozens of exercises that contribute to fitness that do not require sitting.

Stel'Air Stability Ball Features

Most common sizes for the stability ball used in schools are 45CM (17.72 inches) 55CM (21.65 inches) and 65CM (25.59 inches). These suit most heights for Middle School through to High School as seen in the chart (next tab).

Active sitting will help kids focus as well it can improve personal muscle development, stability, strength, and flexibility. These help with all skill levels and increased flexibility and agility needs. 

  • Easy to use at the school, gym, or home.
  • Hand pump included for quick inflation.
  • Made of quality grade anti-burst material.
  • Comfortable slip resistant material.
  • Clean simply use mild soap and water
  • *Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multi-users.



To choose the size right for your classroom by checking the measuring chart in the next tab. It is suggested that if the heights are just shy of choosing a larger size then it is usually recommended to buy the larger one. You can always under-inflate a larger stability ball.

Inflate the new stability ball in two stages. Initially just inflate to where the material begins to stretch. Allow it to "rest" overnight. The next day it should be relaxed enough to inflate the remainder of the way. Do not do this in a very cold environment.

Height Ball Size
5'0" to 5'5" Small: 55cm/22"
5'6" to 5'11" Medium: 65cm/26"
6'0" to 6'3" Large: 75cm/30"


The measurements sizes recommended are when the ball is inflated. The ball will expand when you sit on it so you may find you have to add more air for comfortable use.

Calculate the diameter of the ball by using the following formula.

Circumference divided by Pi (π) or Circumference/3.14 = 55 or 65.

Another way to measure the size is to place a mark on the wall and inflate to that point. The height of the ball is for proper body alignment for exercises.

Alternatively, place two objects on the floor at a the distance apart. Inflate the ball and stop when it is touching both objects.





Stel'Air Anti-Burst Office Stability Exercise Ball Parts & Accessories



Stel'Air Stability Ball FAQ's

How to choose the correct size exercise ball

If using the ball as a chair the ball should be inflated more than if being used for gym exercises. When seated for long periods it is healthier to have the legs at a wider angle from the body for improved breathing and digestion.

With the ball inflated more, the hips will be above the knees. This opens the hip joint to help reduce the strain on the internal organs that long term sitting can do.

When exercising the legs at a 90 deg angle will keep the knees and hips in alignment. The thigh is parallel to the ground so exercises like abdominal crunches effectively engage the core and are comfortable.

How to inflate a fitness ball

When the stability ball arrives in the mail it will be folded into a small box. Especially important in the winter is to open the box and allow the ball material to warm up to room temperature before unfolding.

Once the ball has warmed up then inflate the stability ball just to the point where the material begins to stretch slightly.

Leave the ball to relax at that point overnight before filling to the desired size.

DO NOT over-inflate.

How to keep the balls from rolling all over the classroom

To keep the balls from rolling around the classroom there is a ball stabilizer ring available as an accessory.

These stabilizer rings can be used as a base or for stacking.

Here is more information on the classroom ball stabilizer ring.

How to repair a leaking stability ball

If there is a flaw in the stability ball from manufacturing it will show up right away. Common reasons for losing air is the ball plug isn't in tight enough or there is a small hole somewhere in the material.

Depending on the amount of use it is not unusual to have to add air to the ball on a weekly or monthly basis.

Keep the ball use in a clear area to avoid possible sharp objects. Also make sure pockets don't have anything that can puncture the ball material.

If for whatever reason you have a damaged ball; it cannot be repaired safely.

Caring for your Stel'Air Stability Ball

  • Use on a smooth and level surface. Do not use on gravel or dirt.
  • Balls are easy to clean with warm water and a little mild soap. Be sure to thoroughly rinse soap off and dry with an absorbent towel by lightly patting.
  • Be sure to empty trouser pockets prior to use especially things like keys and pocket knives.
  • Any scratch or nick in the ball material can compromise the safe use of the ball and should be replaced.
  • Keep the ball away from heat sources like a radiator and away from open flames.
  • When not in use, store the stability ball out of direct sunlight.

*Please Note* - colours in the photographs may vary slightly from the actual stability ball and the hand pumps may vary in style.