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Car Door Strap CA-R02
Car Door Strap CA-R02
Car Door Strap CA-R02
Car Door Strap CA-R02

Car Door Strap CA-R02

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Stel'Air Car Strap to Assist Entry and Exit

The Stel'Air Car Strap is great to lend a helping hand for persons who need assistance getting in and out of their car seat.

Very easy to install in just about any car door. You can permanently leave it in stored your car for your next trip, or take it with you. Quick to install/uninstall.

The Stel'Air Car Strap slips over the door frame. Just roll the window down and clip it into place. The window will close with the strap in place.

Another place to install it can be to wrap over the car frame handle.



Stel'Air Car Strap Features

  • Soft, foam, anti-slip handle for firm grip and durability.
  • Fast and easy installation/uninstallation
  • Fits any car with a door frame
  • The strap is adjustable to lengthen or shorten for comfort. Length from 10" - 18"
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.

Uninstall the strap from the door frame when not in use. It can easily store in the glove compartment, center console, or in pouch in back of the seat.



IMPORTANT - If the car strap has been installed on the door frame be careful when entering and exiting the car. Apply your weight by pressing downward to make sure you don't pull the car door into you.

This car strap has been designed to assist ONLY and not made for a persons full weight.



Car Door Strap by Stel'Air helps you get in and out of your car seat.