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Backless Ball Chair VF-923
Backless Ball Chair VF-923
Backless Ball Chair VF-923
Backless Ball Chair VF-923

Backless Ball Chair VF-923

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The Stel'Air Backless Stability Ball Chair is both stylish and beneficial to keep you "active seated".

Improve core muscle engagement by the micro movements your body will do to maintain alignment. This helps posture and building back and abdominal muscles. These micro-movements also burn calories.

Feel more alert when working from a ball chair because the movements also enhance blood circulation. This improved circulation can help increase energy as well.

Sitting on the Stel'Air Backless Ball Chair reduces the compression on the spine commonly occurring when seated in a regular chair. This can help to reduce and relieve lower back pain.

Ball chairs with back rests might encourage the user to slouch and lean back. This one will help to keep you sitting with good posture thereby stimulating the ability to improved breathing and digestion.

Add even MORE exercise to your workday by turning your chair into a total body workout with these Stel'Air Ball Chair fitness bands.



Benefits of the Stel'Air Backless Stability Ball Chair

The removable stability exercise ball can be used in or out of the ball chair frame. The ball chair frame is set to allow most people sit comfortably while they work. When seated your knees should be lower than your pelvis to open the intestines for digestion

The recommended user height is 5' to 5' 11". If you are taller then there are the height extenders to add another couple of inches. Another option is to use a larger stability ball.

Each chair comes with a air pump for inflating the exercise ball. When first inflating it is recommended to do so in two stages. First to when the ball it just beginning to stretch. Allow it to rest overnight before inflating it the rest of the way.



You won't believe the difference. Even after just one day in your new Stel'Air Backless Stability Ball Chair.

  • Measurements: 22"W x 24"H x 22"D.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Height: For those 5'-5'11" tall.
  • Compatibility: 52cm balance ball.



Accessories Stel'Air Backless Stability Ball Chair

Taller people may want to add another 2" to the height of the chair. These easy to install Leg Extenders will do that (No special tools needed).

      • For people 6' or taller
      • Sit more comfortably with better "open" posture
      • Instantly add 2" of height to your ball chair
      • Set of 4 per package
      • Quick and easy installation
      • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.


Click this link for more information or to purchase the height extender adapters.

Ball Chair Workout Poster

Download free here

Exercise bands

Turn your chair into an total body exercise and fitness station with this Stel'Air Ball Chair fitness band attachments.