Stel'Air Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands TSVF-792
Stel'Air Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands TSVF-792
Stel'Air Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands TSVF-792
Stel'Air Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands TSVF-792

Stel'Air Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands TSVF-792

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Stel'Air Portable Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

The mini stepper with resistance bands by Stel'Air can be used at the office, home, and it is small enough to take on the road with you. The portable stepper can be stored under the desk, under the bed or coffee table, and will fit snugly in luggage.

Very quiet to operate so you can step at work without bothering your coworkers, and step while watching your favorite television show.

Use the mini stepper while talking on the phone at work or home, you can even type while you step.

If you take the Stel'Air portable stepper with you while traveling you can get a nice workout in your hotel room at night. If traveling by car, just tuck it behind the seat and pull it out at rest stops so you can get the blood moving through your legs again.



Stel'Air Portable Mini Stepper Features and Benefits

Start stepping right away. No assembly other than attaching your toning bands.
  • Simulated stair climbing activity with a smooth seesaw motion.
  • Small and light for travel, home, or office.
  • Low Impact exercise for light to high-intensity cardio workouts.
  • Complete total body toning exercises. Work the legs, butt, shoulders, arms, back, and abdominal muscles.
  • 4-function display to help reach fitness goals.
  • Quiet operation and resistance from oil cylinders.
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.

Never Miss Another Workout

The Portable Stel'Air Mini Stepper With Bands is a total body fitness machine. Whether it is too hot to go outside or too cold, you can get a nice workout in your living room.

The stepper will help trim and tone your legs and butt while the exercise bands are to sculpt shoulders and arms. Just change the way you are standing into a slight squat and feel the burn!

The toning bands that come with your new mini stepper will work to tone up arms, back, and even tighten abdominal muscles.

Rev up the metabolism and burn more calories every day when using the Stel'Air portable mini stepper with toning bands.

Store Easily

The Mini Stepper has such a small footprint that it can simply store behind the sofa, under the desk, under the bed, or behind the car seat on the floor.

Just bring out your stepper when you are ready to burn off some calories and tone up those muscles.

If you are using the Stel'Air Mini Stepper with Toning Bands at work it is great to schedule your breaks from sitting. It is a good idea to set your alarm for every 30 min and then get on the stepper for a few minutes.

You can still work while stepping. This is a good time to read reports, return calls, and you can even type on the keyboard while stepping. It can be a little challenging at first but its fun to challenge yourself into meeting your fitness goals.

Low impact exercise that can give you light to high-intensity workouts.

Calorie Burning Stel'Air Portable Mini Stepper with Bands


A person who weights 150 lbs can burn over 500 calories is as little as an hour just by using their Stel'Air Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands. Use the digital monitor to keep track of your steps and the time to help calculate and meet your calorie burning goals.

Use your mini stepper in little time chunks throughout your work day. The calories burned add up into big numbers. Keep track of the time and steps and watch the fat burn off.


While you are stepping your way into toned, sexy legs and arms, your metabolism will be increasing. Add this mini portable stepper into your daily routine to help meet fitness and weight loss goals.


The rubber feet on the stepper makes it great for all floor surfaces. You can fit in quick, full body toning fitness exercise program on-the-go. No need to wait until after work.

The resistance cylinders are oil filled for durability and quiet. The resistance supplied results in a rhythmic stepping movement. Step while doing arm curls, shoulder raises, and even back rows for a total body workout.

Store Stepper Under the Desk

Set your timer for 20 - 30 minutes to help prevent Sitting Disease. Yes, sitting disease is real and it is recommended to stand up and take a break from sitting every 20 - 30 minutes. Now you can jump on your little stepper and pump the blood back into your legs. Grab the arm toning bands and do a few upper arm exercises as well.

Just a minute or three will make a big difference in how you feel. Improved alertness, less aches and pains, burn calories, and better digestion - all from just getting up and hopping on the mini stepper.

Very low-impact and you can go as slow as you wish. The Stel'Air Portable Mini Stepper was made without any resistance dials because it warms up as you do. When the phone rings, get up and on the stepper while you talk. You can get some good circulation going through the legs without breathing heavy or working up a sweat!



  • 2 resistance oil cylinders.
  • Two adjustable resistance bands for complete workout.
  • Stepper seesaw movement.
  • Size: 14 X 8 X 15 inch
  • Weight: 14 kgs
  • Max user weight: 220lbs

Stel'Air office mini fitness stepper