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Stel'Air Wheeled Bed Stand & Clamp XF-937SC
Stel'Air Wheeled Bed Stand & Clamp XF-937SC

Stel'Air Wheeled Bed Stand & Clamp XF-937SC

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Designed for attaching to most hospital beds so the patient can pedal in a semi-seated or fully supine position.

The Wheeled Bed Stand is made of sturdy steel and can easily attach and detach to various bed styles.

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The main purpose of the design is to allow for easy pedalling from a bed in reclining or supine position.

The Stel'air Wheeled Bed Stand with Clamp is engineered to fit the Stel'Air Magnetic Medical Pedaller YL-832 and designed to accommodate most hospital beds and many reclining hospital chairs.

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The stand functions well with the Stel'Air Medical Pedaller using the pedals that are included, larger foot pedals RH-687, Medical Pedals BF-945 and/or Ergo-Handles UH-857 (using quick-connects JC-675)

The height of the pedaller arm is adjustable to accommodate the bed height and patient leg reach. The inclusion of a pneumatic height adjusting cylinder helps to make height adjustments smooth and easy.

The Stel'Air Medical Pedaller will slide along the arm for micro adjustments closer or farther from the patient.

The stabilizer legs will adjust to either fit around a reclining chair with a maximum width of 30" inside measurement. And to fit under a bed with narrow width to 25" outside measurement.

Non-marking, soft rolling casters have a foot brake that is applied once the bed stand is in place.

Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.